Total Respect Management

Peter Blokland

Every organisation or business, every system, has its shortcomings, producing results that are less than optimal. Sometimes these flaws are due to small inconsistencies and inadequacies in corporate strategy, culture, structure, (human) resources or operations.

Very often it only takes relatively small efforts to produce huge positive effects when you are able to look at the whole picture, the system, and obtain the needed insight to pull the right levers and make vital changes.

With the same approach aircraft accidents are investigated to prevent future mishaps, organisations and companies can be scanned to find the ill managed risks, address these issues and improve overall performance. It’s the difference that brings you from good to great!

Long term success and optimum performance can be achieved by aligning your organisation with corporate social responsibility. It allows your company to become a contribution to society. Aligning the human factor with corporate strategy, culture and operations, using a systemic approach and systems thinking, allows us to do this and create instant and sustainable success!

Areas of interest and specialties:

  • Total Respect Management (TR³M), a is a comprehensive management method leading towards CSR and organisational alignment.
  • Organisational alignment
  • Change management (Vision - Mission - Ambition - Strategy & Culture)
  • ISO31000 Risk Management (Integrating risk management in your organisation)
  • Leadership & Team Performance (Team alignment)
  • Systems Thinking & Sustainability
  • Speaking - Training - Coaching

Early Life

Peter was born in Antwerp on 8 August 1957. He finished his studies at the Royal Military Academy in December 1983 (Master in Military and Aeronautical sciences 119 TAW Promotion)

Personal Life

Peter Blokland is happily married to Marianne Beukenhorst since 1980. They live in Hove, a residential community south of Antwerp (Belgium). They have three beautiful children together and enjoy the presence of four fantastic grandchildren.

F-16 Pilot, Instructor, Operations and Trainings Officer

At Kleine Brogel AB he used to be an F-16 pilot for the Belgian Air Force, then got his first assignment as an educator, as an instructor pilot at the 5th Sqn (Elementary Flying School) 3 years later. Then he became a Staff Officer at Air Force Training Command, which in turn he left to become an Operations and Training officer at the Advanced Flying Training Wing at St Truiden AB.


His active career as a pilot was crowned by the assignment as the CO (commanding officer) of the 5th Sqn. As a squadron commander he navigated his team safely through very turbulent times of change, resulting from the ongoing reforms in the armed forces. His time as a CO taught him a lot about what it takes to be a leader and how to manage a group of people.

Master of Excellence

The first time he got a job highly focused on safety and excellence was when he got a consecutive Staff assignment of accident prevention and flight safety. When he finished his assignment as a squadron commander, he managed to add accident investigation to his experience and competence. As such, Peter further expanded his knowledge in helping people and organisations to improve to the level of an entire organisation, something he started to get the taste for being the CO of the 5th Sqn. He continues passing down his knowledge throughout the years.

System(at)ic approach

Accident investigation and prevention is a systematic, but also a systemic approach, always taking the whole picture into account and looking for underlying causes, instead of only tackling the obvious symptoms! It is this knowledge and this approach that he used for the next steps in his career.

Nuclear surety and command & control

Peter finished his military career at NATO’s Allied Command Operations at SHAPE (BE). As a staff officer in nuclear operations, he is at first involved in surety (safety and security) issues concerning nuclear weapons, before becoming involved in the command & control of NATO’s nuclear weapons, further developing his knowledge on improving systems in the field of operational training and communications.

Organisational and Business Coach

In 2008 Peter decided to become an organisational and business coach, helping organisations, companies and teams to improve and excel. Peter has served a lot of people already in many different ways: as a trainer, a coach, a mentor and a consultant. Flexibility is key to understanding the needs of an organisation, which is what Peter excels at.

PhD researcher

Since September 2014, Peter is also employed at TUDelft, working as a PhD researcher for the Safety & Security Sciences section of the Technology Policy and Management faculty. He is working hard on exploring a scientific way to measure and proactively achieve Safety and Performance in organisations.

Managing Director of G31000 Europe

As a certified trainer, he is now the managing director of G31000 Europe and consultant using the ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard.



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